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The files provided here are for scientific use. Feel free to reference and use these files in your own analyses, and cite appropriately. Additional files may be available by contacting us. If you find areas where we can make improvements, please let us know through the contact links on this site, and we’ll get back to you.


The original datasets are stored as Excel .xlsx spreadsheets for ease of use, with R Workspace files provided for the main analysis.

A curated set tools for exploring our data is available here.

Full dataset

All data, all sections

NewsWhip Insights search extraction and combination

NewsWhip Insights extraction by Facebook shares (.xlsx)
NewsWhip Insights extraction by Twitter shares (.xlsx)
NewsWhip Insights extraction combined (.xlsx)

Article screening and extraction

Screening reviews (.xlsx)
Scientific article map (.xlsx)
Media article map (.xlsx)

Main review process

Raw review data from the review tool (.xlsx)


Manually coded data (.xlsx)
Reviews indexed by media article, cleaned (.xlsx) (R Workspace file)
Reviews indexed by academic article, cleaned (.xlsx) (R Workspace file)

Additional data
Inter-reviewer communication (.zip)


All code is written in R, and are described below. If you are running this code, it is recommended that you first download the full dataset above.

NewsWhip Insights proportion covered (.R)
Dataset cleanup (.R)
Main analysis (.R)

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